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Wikiexpeditions are Wikipedian excursions to some areas where they make photographs and collected materials, on which basis, getting back hooe, they can write articles on that particular area. Useful, educational, and refreshing.

Wikiexpeditions will mostly take place in summer, when there is at least some chance to get a suitable weather for photographing.

If someone wants to come along, please contact us. We would especially welcome people with cars or other modes of transport. For these events to succeed, we have to plan our routes carefully, so any help in that matter would be also nice.

Northern Latvia[muuda]

Northern Latvia wikiexpeditions were a series of 3 expeditions that took place from 2012 to 2014. Our goal was to document places in Southern Estonia and in Northern Latvia.

This enterprise is connected to our other project, Latvia 100.

Other places[muuda]

There have also been plans on visiting Järva County in the heart of Estonia and Estonian easternmost city of Narva and its surroundings. This enterprise about Narva is connected to our other project, Narva-Ivangorod.

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