Wikidata workshops with Asaf Bartov in 2017 (Tallinn, Tartu)

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One of the workshops was conducted in the Literary Museum of Estonia.

Wikidata introductionary workshops with Asaf Bartov took place in Tallinn and Tartu during end of October and beginning of November 2017. The aim of the workshops was to give hands on introduction to concepts and use of Wikidata, the structured linked data project of Wikimedia. You can find the presentation, example queries etc below.


Almost all information on Wikipedia (in all languages), Wikimedia Commons (media repository of Wikipedia) and many other Wikiprojects (Wikispecies, Wikibooks, Wikisource, Wikiquote, Wiktionary, Wikivoyage etc) and many other public datasets gathered since 2012 can be mined in machine readable format at Wikidata, Wikimedia's open and free linked-data repository.

Asaf Bartov, one of the key worldwide evangelists of Wikidata will be holding two workshop sessions on Oct 30th at IT college, Tallinn and Oct 31st sTARTUp HUB, Tartu. He will also present keynote at Open licences, open content, open data conference Nov 1–3 at Estonian National Museum in Tartu (and host yet another workshop for digital humanities researchers).

Workshop materials[muuda]

The presentation given by Asaf.

Example queries[muuda]

The queries roughly increase in order of complexity.

Estonia specific TODO lists for Wikidata:

Introductionary materials on Wikidata[muuda]

About workshop[muuda]

The workshop in both venues takes place in two parts (first is prerequisite for understanding the second part).

The first one starting from 16 presents Wikidata and walks attendees from absolute beginner level through contributing to Wikidata and understanding the structured linked data architecture used in the project.

The second one starting from 18 is about querying Wikidata using SPARQL and making practical use of Wikidata for extracting facts, creating knowledge graphs and importing data for use with external tools and Google Spreadsheets.

Wikidata is an endless resource of structured linked data on all imaginable topics with an open API and full database dumps freely available, Wikidata can a useful resource for countless general as well as specific purposes. For example, Google uses it for displaying facts in search results, the uses of Wikidata span from marketing to semantic web solutions, not to mention analysis of history and differences in Wikiprojects and their contents from different cultures and languages.

Asaf Bartov is working as a senior program officer at Wikimedia and has a strong background in software engineering, and an abiding interest in literature, education, open access, linked data, and library science. He writes free software related to Wikimedia projects publishing the source code at

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