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Tartupedia (in Estonian: Tartupeedia) is a project initiated by MTÜ Wikimedia Eesti to improve the coverage of city of Tartu, Estonia, on Wikimedia projects. Our first goal is to provide better content on Estonian Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, but in time, we hope to reach the other Wikipedias and their sister projects. One of the goals is to add QR-codes to the relevant and interesting objects in the city. For this end, we shall use Wikipedia-based mobile application QRpedia, which will show the Wikipedia articles according to the language speficied in the cell phone's setting, so that each tourist can reach information on Wikipedia in their own language. The first such international project was created in Welsh town Monmouth, named Monmouthpedia.

A similar project has now been started in Tartu. With about 100,000 citizens, the city is big enough to deserve its own project, and small enough so that advancement in the project would be visible. We have support from the city government, and we're cooperating with several institutions and enterprises throughout the city. The first batch of QRpedia codes have been set up in Estonian Sports Museum, photos have been provided by Estonia's oldest theater Vanemuine, cooperation is going on with Tartu Art School, Estonian National Museum, Estonian Literary Museum, Tartu Art Museum, et al. We have organized several article and photo competitions, exhibitions, workshops, trainings, etc. The costs are relaticely small and have mostly been covered via our annual grants from Wikimedia Foundation. We have also benefitted from the know-how kindly offered by the initiator of Monmouthpedia and QRpedia, Roger Bamkin from Wikimedia UK.

More information about the project can be seen on its portal on Estonian Wikipedia: Portaal:Tartupeedia.

The images uploaded via Tartupedia uploading pages on Commons: commons:Category:Images from Tartupeedia

Currently, there are no similar projects in the other towns and cities of Estonia. If anyone should want to take it up, Wikimedia Eesti would gladly provide all support we can offer.

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