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Wikimedia Eesti
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Non-profit, but currently without charity status and the according tax exemption.
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Member of WMEE board.
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Annual Grant Application for 2013.
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January 2013
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31 December 2013

Budget breakdown[muuda]

Activity Amount
General costs 3,962
Memorabilia 1,208 Shirts, diplomas, cups, pens, paper bags and some original stuff.
Trainings 950 We're working on a more systematic training plan.
Transport 600 Does not include international travel and single projects; mostly, it's for peoples' transport to the Wikimedia and WMEE events.
Translation costs 400
Bookkeeper's fee 334
Taxes 200
Office costs 130 Incl. postage fees.
IT costs 100 Domain rents for WLM and Tartupedia etc.
Bank fees 40
HR costs 12,172
Office fairy 5,586 6 months, 700 € each.
Executive director 5,586 6 months, 700 € each. Running also the financial side and reporting.
Recruitment costs 1,000 We'll get a very friendly price from a professional.
General events 850
Wikipedia summer days and WMEE general assemblies 650 This year, we separated the summer days and the GA, so costs will probably vary quite a bit from the previous year.
Motivational events and strategy meetings 200
Projects 10,279.81
International travel for projects 2,529.81 At least 9, all inside Europe. As currently foreseen: Big Fat Brussels meeting (partial), Metrics meeting in Hungary, Participation in Ukrainian Chernobyl trip, a meeting with EU officials in Brussels, a metrics workshop in Budapest, WMCEE, participation in a Hungarian Wikicamp, a GLAM conference in Vilnius, a diversity meeting in Berlin.
Free Culture 1,900 Publishing Lawrence Lessig's Free Culture in cooperation with the Estonian chapter of The Internet Society.
Small and unforeseen projects 950 Includes Armenian cooperation week, participation in university quiz club, nature photography project HELP4 and several other relatively minor projects.
Tartupeedia 900 City-based QRpedia project. Mostly, prizes for the competitions, also some organizational costs.
Travelling exhibitions 700 Includes last WLM and science photo competition. The main part will be exporting an exhibition of Estonian WLM to Sweden.
Wikiexpeditions 600
Prizes for competitions and bees 500
Photo competition about city of Tartu 400
Wikipedia course in University of Tartu 300
Wiki Loves Monuments 300
Ida-Viru county competition 300
General program costs 300 GLAM, education, digitalization
Illustration project 250 Cooperation with art school(s) for illustrating Wikipedia.
Translation bee 200
Science photo competition 150
International travel 4663.4
Wikimedia Conference 2013 1836.25
Wikimania 2013 1483.7
CEE 2013 1343.45
From "2012" grant 5124-2700=2424 €*
Total 29,503.21 €
  • 2700 € will be transferred to 2014, as the Fenno-Ugric seminar has been postponed.


Project scope and list of activities[muuda]

Current grant will cover the activities of Wikimedia Eesti on year 2013. Unfortunately, we have been overwhelmed by work, so we got this ready only in June.

Estonian Science Photo of the Year[muuda]

The annual photo competition. Last year, there were some excellent pictures by top-notch photographers. Now, we want the same, only more and, if possible, even better.

Project goal: we want to get a lot of photos and compose a traveling exhibition. Hoping for about 600 images.

No non-financial requirements.

Fit to strategy: outreach and increase of participation. In 2012 we are working hard to cover Estonian science (e.g. creating articles about all notable Estonian scientists).

Other benefits: media coverage.

Team members: Kruusamägi

Estonian-Armenian cooperation week[muuda]

A mutual cooperation week: Armenians will write articles about Estonia, Estonians about Armenia. We already have an Armenian portal in et.wp.

Project goal: to have more and better articles about Armenia.

Non-financial requirements: TBD.

Fit to strategy: International cooperation is a good thing, right?

Other benefits: media, both in Estonia and Armenia.

Measures of success: at least 50 improved articles about Armenia in Estonian Wikipedia, and at least 10 improved articles about Estonia in Armenian Wikipedia.

Team members: Oop. We also hope for someone from the Armenian Wikipedia.

HELP 4[muuda]

The fourth annual photo competition for the photographs of Estonian nature.

We want to get a lot of photos and gain some media coverage.

No non-financial requirements. The budget of the event is minimal (both HELP and HELP2 have been done with almost no expenses).

Team members: Kruusamägi

Wiki Loves Monuments[muuda]

The participation in WLM has been nice and steady in Estonia. It could be better, but we're not yet sure how to achieve that. We'd also like to improve the quality of the images, and diversify the activities geographically.

Project goal: to have a lot of people participating, and to get a lot of photographs.

Non-financial requirements: TBD.

Fit to strategy: outreach and participation, definitely.

Other benefits: the competition may lead to new articles in Estonian Wikipedia and this is a good chance to find some people who could start making pictures for Wikipedia.

Measures of success: we hope to get more pictures than we got the last time (that is more than 3100 images) and also increase the geographical coverage (last time, it was mostly Tallinn and a little bit of Tartu).

Team members: Adeliine, WikedKentaur, Kruusamägi. We have also started contacting local youth centers to include their photo enthusiasts.


We're planning to do at least two wikiexpeditions. Their size, length and targets are up to the participants.

Project goal: The aim of wikiexpeditions is to gather material about the region and establish local contacts.

Non-financial requirements: There has to be a prepared route covering the main localities that need to be photographed. There will be a list of necessary photos (buildings, places, possibly people). Also, there preliminary contacts should be established and agreements for meetings set.

Fit to strategy: More useful content on the regions that should have better coverage.

Other benefits: Motivating Wikipedians.

Measures of success: An expedition will be considered successful if there will be at least 150 new photographs on Commons (hopefully many more), all the necessary people will have been met and all the photographs have been incorporated into articles on Estonian Wikipedia.

Team members: TBD.

Quiz show in Tartu[muuda]

Wikipedian team has been competing in the quiz series of University of Tartu quite successfully, recently even winning one event. (It's notable because our team includes no long-time (semi)professional quizzers, just ordinary Wikipedians.) We arranged one event in the series, composing our own questions for all the other teams to solve. It was on February 22nd, and was met with general approval (although our questions might have been a little bit too hard).

Project goal is to show Wikipedians in the best possible light amongst smart people.

Team members: several members of the community.

Other projects[muuda]

There are many minor projects in the process of development now. Most of those might not cost anything, or have infinitesimal costs. Some are intended to be realized in the future, beyond the financial horizon of 2013. Still, there might be some unexpected opportunities that we would like to seize, so the bottom line might change.

Some examples of our minor projects:

  • an article competition for med students,
  • a project for cooperation with the schools from Tartu,
  • documenting Estonian science,
  • special digitization projects,
  • sports photography competition,
  • etc.

Image project with Vanemuine theater[muuda]

Vanemuine is the oldest theater in Estonia. We have been working together in the context of the Tartupeedia project, and they are happy to donate photos from the theater's archive.

Project goal: To have a large bunch of photos transferred to Commons, all together with properly described metadata, including license information. Integration into articles will probably take some time.

Non-financial requirements: The hardest problem is to explain all the nuances and rules of Estonian copyright laws to the people who would just want to donate a bunch of photographs. This means we need to work on metadata a lot.

Fit to strategy: quality (more content).

Other benefits: media.

Measures of success: at least new 100 photos in Commons.

Team members: Oop, Pseudacorus, people from the theater.

Cooperation with the Estonian Association for History and Philosophy of Science[muuda]

Wikimedia Eesti has been approached by the Estonian Association for History and Philosophy of Science, a non-profit NGO that has been publishing the Biographical Lexicon of Estonian Science (2 vols have been published on paper, 2 vols will be published on the Internet). As the costs of publication have grown, economic crisis and inflation have taken its toll on the possible buyers, and it has never been a commercial project anyway, we were offered the possibility to publish all that material in Wikipedia on CC license, a proposition that we could not have denied. We started the work last year, and although it has been taking more time than originally supposed, the first volume has been successfully integrated into Wikipedia

Project goal: To include all 8000 articles on Estonian scientists from the lexicon, properly formatted and referenced. By estimation, about 6000 of them are new, and 2000 persons have already been described in Estonian Wikipedia to some extent.

Non-financial requirements: We have built a bot, and we're improving that. Also, there has been a lot of fuss about copyright, but it all has been (hopefully) cleared by now.

Fit to strategy: An influential rise in quality in a large field.

Other benefits: Both parties are interested in gaining media coverage. Our highest hope is that the publicity gained from this project could influence some other owners of proprietary lexicons to donate their texts and databases to Wikipedia for further development and modernization.

Measures of success: About 6000 new and 2000 improved articles in Estonian Wikipedia.

Team members: Oop, several members of et.wp community, people from the Association.

Digitization program[muuda]

We have started a cooperation with the Ministry of Culture for digitization of Estonian literature for Estonian Wikisource. All costs will be covered by the state. Soon, we might also be able to buy an experimental professional-level bookscanner from a local start-up company.

Project goal: To have a significant part of the license-free compulsory Estonian literature in Wikisource. In the long run, our goal is to forge a partnership with the abovementioned institutions, compose a joint project and apply for funding for EU and local financial structures to ensure the continuance of the project.

A short overview: Digitizing_Estonian_Literature

Fit to strategy: Quality (a lot of new content), possibly financial sustainability.

Other benefits: We aim for a significant media coverage.

Measures of success: Last year, we already published several books; this year, we would be happy to increase the number.

Team members: Oop, a lot of others TBD.

Education program[muuda]

We are working together with the Ministry of Education to include Wikimedia projects more systematically in Estonian education, starting with the universities and secondary schools. This is a large program and if successful, it will take several years.

Project goal: Get more good articles and raise the awareness about Wikipedia. Hopefully also get some more Wikipedians.

Fit to strategy: Participation, cooperation, quality.

Other benefits: Media.

Measures of success: A lot of content, everything edited in time, no noticeable disruptions for the readers and a joyful atmosphere for Wikipedians.

Team members: Adeliine.


As we want to be represented on Wikimania in hong Kong, using the event for international cooperation, exhanging ideas and strengthening ties with the Wikipedian communities all around the world.

Project goal: See people, talk to people, spread ideas, get ideas.

Fit to strategy: Exchange of ideas should count towards "organizational maturity and effectiveness".

Other benefits: International cooperation.

Measures of success: We will have been represented, and initiate new cooperative projects.

Team members: Oop.


We intend to send two folks to CEE Wikipedian conference in Poznan. We have several ideas on CEE cooperation that we'd like to discuss with the other chapters.

Project goal: See people, talk to people, spread ideas, get ideas.

Fit to strategy: Exchange of ideas should count towards "organizational maturity and effectiveness".

Other benefits: International cooperation.

Measures of success: It would be best if we could get at least one of our own ideas going in CEE cooperation, but we won't have failed if we at least start participating in someone else's CEE project. No matter whose it is, if it's good.

Team members: Pseudacorus, Oop.


It is quite obvious our board has too much to do to continue strictly on the voluntary basis. To manage the needs of strict financial discipline, strengthening demands of various reporting (due to our cooperation with several state agencies and international partners, developing long-term programs and, hopefully, transferring to the FDC system in 2014) and to improve communication, we intend to hire two people: house fairy and executive director. Our executive director will manage mostly the financial side of the organization, but also a part of our international cooperation; the house fairy will take care of both the secretarial tasks and communication (internal and external). We hope to get by with a modest pay level, comparable to the local job market but still frugal. For the start, we shall hire for six months; if this system works, we'll proceed to permanent positions, hopefully financed by FDC. A professional HR consultant has agreed to help us for a quite modest fee.

Project goal: To avoid overworking and desperation, while getting all financial and communicational matters in order on a sensible schedule.

Fit to strategy: Organizational maturity and effectiveness.

Measures of success: Everything in order by the right time.

Team members: The board, our future employees and an HR consultant.

Wikimedia Conference[muuda]

We will sent two persons to Wikimedia Conference in Milan.

Team members: Pseudacorus, Oop.

Wikipedia Summer Days[muuda]

The annual gathering of Estonian Wikipedians, discussing all kinds of Wikipedian matters, organizatory and otherwise, solving old feuds and establishing new ones. This year, our general assembly will be a separate event.

Project goal: The main aim is to motivate people.

Fit to strategy: Organizational benefits.

Measures of success: And they edited Wikipedia happily ever after.

Team members: TBD.

Promotional materials[muuda]

We're out of most promotional materials. We would also like to produce a puzzle, a steampunk-style Mendeleev table drawn by a professional artist.

Project goal: Producing useful, mostly inexpensive, but also original promotional materials.

Fit to strategy: strengthening our organizational brand.

Measures of success: It will be a success if people will like our stuff, both Wikipedians and sane persons.

Motivational events[muuda]

It might be good for Wikipedia if we met a little bit more often. The main costs are to provide transport costs for those who have hard times, and maybe getting a round of snacks for everyone.

Project goal: Our motivational events are strictly motivational. Bonding, conflict resolution, idea exchange, etc.

Fit to strategy: A motivated Wikipedian works more and harder, therefore, organizational maturity and effectiveness.

Measures of success: People come eagerly and leave happily.

Team members: TBD.