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Hello from Meadow Mari Wikipedia[muuda]

Hello there! I'm from Meadow Mari Wikipedia. I suppose that the greatest problem for small wikipedias is that there are no active community. You can find some individual writing articles, but there is no community.--ПешСай (arutelu) 30. märts 2012, kell 20:09 (EEST)Reply[vasta]

Guess why? -- 17. aprill 2012, kell 14:55 (EEST)Reply[vasta]

Selkup Wikipedia[muuda]

And where is Selkup Wikipedia? -- 13. aprill 2012, kell 19:18 (EEST)Reply[vasta]

Сделайте русскую версию. Многие финно-угры в РФ и знают русский лучше чем английский.-- 16. aprill 2012, kell 21:56 (EEST)Reply[vasta]

No. Please, don't make Russian versions. There is a Google Translate for those who is not so educated. Many Finno-Ugric representatives from Russia do learn English or Estonian :-)-- 17. aprill 2012, kell 20:29 (EEST)Reply[vasta]